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Fall 2016 Indoor Basketball

Hello Everyone!!!!
As we get ourselves into the Fall season I wanted to make everyone aware of a wonderful opportunity facilitated by SYI. There have always been camps for basketball to improve kids’ skills which has been very beneficial. At this time we are excited to announce that we will be providing an organized basketball league for 2nd-3rd grade students and 4th-5th grade students. We have reserved time at the Springville Elementary School Gymnasium as well as the Middle School Gymnasium.

More details are to follow, below are some other important details:
1. The cost for the entire program is $30.
2. We need parent volunteers to run practices and coach a team for the games on Saturdays, officials will be provided.
3. Registration opens up on Friday September 16th on

Any questions regarding the camp contact Bob Gainey at 816-6297 or via e-mail

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